Heavy rhythms are improvised live on stage and then fed to the mixer for live dub transmissions, creating a soundtrack for the visual dreams projected on a large video screen as the backdrop behind the musicians. Dizzied Connections remains one of the rare live-performing dub groups in existence.


Surface Suction offers a heavier music, combining darker elements of jazz and rock forms. The music is dark and thundering with a heart thumping bass, wailing guitar, and enough classic synth sounds to satisfy the most nostalgic of progressive fans.



When Sloth Child plays, there is a dark sway and swirl to the mix of Darren Oren's earnest, wailing vocals and wrestling, nervous guitar. Tim Renic's drumming carries the uneasy sense even further, creating a bottomless, propelling rhythm that pushes the songs across a landscape inhabited by fractured souls; all dispossessed and brought to life with an unsugary pathos; bone-deep and regrettably earthbound; all of them lost for the reach of whatever it may have been that they wanted.



Although this music could be classified with a mundane title like "alternative rock" or "noisy psychedelia," there is a pattern behind it, a purpose beneath it all.

Lowbrow Theft
The newest band on the Costmatic label. More info. coming soon.

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